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Ocean Beach Pallet Co.

Custom for James-final payment due at pick up

Custom for James-final payment due at pick up

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2 Units:

1)55" 3x2 Rec with bohemian colliding chevron

-custom height= 1" taller (internal 14" height) wooden height 17" & 23" tall w/ 6" hairpin legs

-hairpin legs- cannot go wider than 54" due to trim (tight space)

-Internal height top shelf 7", lower section 5.5" tall

-Gunstock stain for body

-Satin finish (FLAT)



Custom coffee table 24.5" DEEP <not depth on sketch>  x 48"Long also with Bohemian colliding chevron top based on this West Elm coffee table style:

-Concept like west elm table in our style


-Wooden height 14" tall (11" tall internally) plus 2" base all around that is inset- see inspiration photo

-Custom 2" base around 

Both pieces with gunstock stain and satin finish.


For both the 55 inch 3 x 2 record player stand with a bohemian colliding chevron top and the table at 24 inches deep the discounted total would be $1331.25 (this is lowest price available w/ discount and pick ups, cannot be combined w/ additional coupons. 
-We are doing half deposit up front and half at pick up $665.63 (first portion)- second portion $665.62



The color of units, color charts, and samples are to be used as reference purposes only. 

Screen settings and lighting affect how colors appear. 

Growth rings, knots, wood grain, and other wood characteristics can alter the outcome of the stain appearance. 

Due to the nature of solid wood each board will vary and the grain on each board will vary. 

We cannot guarantee an item will exactly match another unit, stain, in color chart or sample, but it will be close.

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