• What type of wood is used in the construction of the units?
    •  Kiln Dried Douglas Fir 2x4s
  • Can I customize everything?
    • Yes the world is your oyster. We want you to design something you'll cherish in your home for a very long time. Please choose your stain, or upgrade the top and add multiple colors that bring your room together.
  • Do you make longer furniture than you have listed?
    • Yes we do. We can go bigger we may just have to ship via freight, which is no problem. Just reach out for your free quote. The price will include shipping.
  • Can you increase the depth, for my equipment that is larger than 14"?
    • Yes we can increase the depth (measures front-to-back). We have a 17.5" listing The widebody, or reach out for a quote. The more common sizes are 17.5" or 21", but we can do anything in between. We can go deeper on any unit we offer.
  • How can you increase the height?
    • The record storage units have a wooden height of 16" tall while our entertainment centers are shorter at 12" tall. They both come with standard 6" hairpin legs, but you can upgrade to longer hairpin legs, wooden block legs, or wooden peg legs. You choose. Currently the Recs are 22" tall, while the ENTs are 18" tall with legs.
    • To increase the wooden height, send us a quick sketch or message us for a free fast quote.
  • Can I choose the color?
    • YES! We have the Classic color chart listing, from which you can choose any of those stains
    • We also have a Premium color chart, it's $20 more, but you have many additional colors to choose from.
  • How do I order a custom unit? Say I want a blues chevron top, 40" 3 Sec and taller 12" legs.
    1. Add the blues chevron listing to your cart
    2. Add the 3-sec rec 40" and color for body listing to your cart
    3. Add the 12" legs from the hairpin legs listing to your cart (quantity of 1 for the set)
  • What is the weight limit?
    • It depends on each unit, but we handcraft durable furniture out of real 2x4s. Kiln Dried Douglas Fir, they will be EXTREMELY sturdy. For a piece longer than about 55" dividers are recommended if you plan on adding a lot of weight, but not required. For example a 45" triple sectional record holder and standard 6" hairpin legs, will hold about 600 lbs without a problem. We've tested it. 
  • What if I have delivery date restrictions?
    • Delivery date restrictions due to travel are no problem. Write in the notes section at check-out (for example, "Please deliver before 7/1 or after 7/7).
  • What is your processing time?
    • It should be at the top of the website, as this is regularly updated. It's the processing time plus shipping via FedEx ground from San Diego, CA.
  • Do you expedite?
    • Yes we do, for $80 more we can have almost any order on its way to you within 1 week. Just add this listing to your cart along with your unit.

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