Our Story

Born in sunny San Diego in 2015, we transformed necessity into artistry. Crafting furniture began as a solution, and today, our handcrafted pieces, including Vinyl Record Holders, Entertainment Centers, and Coffee Tables, reflect this journey. Each creation fuses durability and style, embodying our commitment to quality.

In 2015, amidst life's twists and turns, David found himself selling personal possessions and his handcrafted patio furniture. The furniture found eager homes, and a brand was born, Ocean Beach Pallet Co.

Since then, our evolution has been remarkable. Blossoming into a fully customizable wood furniture shop, we specialize in crafting personalized Vinyl Record Holders, Entertainment Centers, Coffee Tables, and bespoke creations. Each creation emanates from the hands of our skilled artisans, right here in the heart of the U.S.A.

While reclaimed wood and eco-conscious packaging honor our eco-friendly heritage, the surge in demand has led us to incorporate new durable lumber, retaining our commitment to authenticity & quality.

Delivered fully assembled and ready for installation, our units redefine convenience – simply plug-and-play. With swift FedEx delivery to your doorstep nationwide, our excellence is just a step away. 

Explore our offerings on our website, Instagram, and through reviews. Contact us via messaging, email (oceanbeachpalletco@gmail.com), or call/text at 858-224-2368. 

See why we’ve built & delivered +13,000 pieces and counting!

Ocean Beach Pallet Co.: Crafting living spaces with dedication and skill.