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Set of 2 Doors

Set of 2 Doors

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Add one set of doors to any record holder or entertainment center

If you need doors on a unit and we don’t offer it together in a listing add this to your cart along with your unit and check out. 

-Select the appropriate sizing (if your unit is 45" and smaller vs 50" and larger"

This is one set of doors and includes two(2) doors total.

Our doors now come with upgraded soft close hinges for no additional charge

Installation Instructions:

The unit will have predrilled holes on the inside of the left and right front and they will be labeled left and right along with the doors.

Step 1) The top hinge screw should be placed first and fully tightened and inserted. Step 2) Then continue to do the bottom hinge and repeat for the other side.
Warning:  The doors have adjustable hinges but are preset(by us) and should not be moved, only attach the door with the screw that is provided and make sure they are centered on the unit.

Please reach out with any questions regarding installation or potential missing components. 

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