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Ocean Beach Pallet Co.

The 2Sec TV Stand

The 2Sec TV Stand

Showcase your TV and media collection. Perfect for movie lovers who need a TV Stand and DVD storage or gamers who need to store their systems and game collections. The handcrafted design ensures that each unit is unique and made to the highest standards.

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Wood Thickness: 1.5 in

Length (left to right): Select from the drop-down

Depth: (front to back): 14 in

Wooden External Height: 12 in

Internal Height: 9 in

Hairpin Leg Height: 6 in

Unit with Legs Height: 18 in

How to Order

You are the boss!

Choose the length and contact us for any customizations.

Unit includes 6 in hairpin legs and back panel with two circle 1.5" cutouts centered

TV Length Recommendations

TV Size | Recommended Minimum Length
32" TV | 30" Media Console
40" TV | 35" Media Console
43" TV | 40" Media Console
50" TV | 45" Media Console
55" TV | 50" Media Console
60" TV | 55" Media Console
65" TV | 60" Media Console
70" TV | 65" Media Console
75" TV | 70" Media Console
80" TV | 75" Media Console
85" TV | 80" Media Console


Final appearance and stain, color, and sheen finish can vary due to many factors. Please message us if you'd like to get closer to a specific color or for clarification. Please note when working with real wood variance is normal. Let us know if you have a strict color expectations before we build your unit.

Large furniture or similar top-heavy furniture can tip over and pose a threat of serious injury or death to children if not anchored, we recommend anchoring your furniture.

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Optional Top Upgrade

Optional Leg Upgrade

Optional Door Upgrade

Optional Shelf Upgrade

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Fabulous!! So thrilled with our tv stand!!...

Fabulous!! So thrilled with our tv stand!!!

This media cabinet is exactly what I was l...

This media cabinet is exactly what I was looking for! Handsome, very easy to put the legs on, looks great in my living room! Love the extra shelf space.

Quality reused palette wood and a fine fin...

Quality reused palette wood and a fine finish are as advertised. The piece is simple, beautiful, sturdy and yet relatively light weight.

Please be aware that the separate leg kit is from an Amazon vendor. While the legs themselves are acceptable, the screws the kit comes with are made of a cheaper resin/metal mix, so it is advisable to use sturdier screws if you happen to have them.

This review has no content.

This review has no content.

Great piece works perfectly thank you.

Great piece works perfectly thank you.